Exhume to Consume

Я не очень люблю делать сюда чернушные посты, но тк тематика требует хотябы поверхностного освещения темы постараюсь в двух словах.

Вот дамы и господа, извольте познакомится : музыка со словами )))
Тут присутствует всё что возможно вам не интересно, а возможно и наоборот.
Достаточно беглого взгляда на тексты, чтобы было понятно о чем я говорю.

Title: Disinterment
Album: …Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate…


Gorge on death, rotten flesh
Liquefied, eat that which has died
Unearth the bounty of jellified human carnage
Pillage the treasure chest, of mortified produce
Feast on the meat, of the long since deceased
Worm infested cutlets, tenderized by decay
Cemetery cropfields, constantly replenished
Saturated the earth, with dead human effluents
The time has come, to reap the harvest
Exhume the casket, snatch up the carcass
Decrepit mangled bodies
Devastated by putrefaction
The hands of time aid our cuisine
By means of pre-digestion
Plunge into this before you
Submerge yourself in human slosh
Slurp down giblets, siphon spinal fluids
Gnashing teeth tear through tendons
Splinter bones to suck out marrow
Waste nothing, feast again tomorrow

From the 1989 album Symphonies of Sickness. Enjoy!


Grimly I dig up the turfs
To remove the corrupted stiffs
Trying to contain my excitement
As I desecrate graveolent crypts…
Fingers claw at coffin lids
Eager festal exhumation
Hugging your wry, festered remains
With post-humous joy and elation…
Body snatched, freshly interred
Whatever takes my fancy
To satisfy my gratuitous pica
My culinary necromancy…
Scrutinised then brutalised
My forensic inquisition is fulfiled
My recipe is now your epitaph
Be it fried, boiled or grilled…

I devour the pediculous corpse
Whetting my palate as I exhume
The festering stench of rotting flesh
Makes me drool as I consume…

Caskets I grate
My larder’s a grave
I’m sickly obsessed (with the badly decomposed)
Rotten remains I eat
Purulent meat
What a funeral feast (putrid reek)

Weeping tissue is stripped
Pus dribbles from my lips
Pulverising this pustular chaff
Butchering up morgue’s makes me laugh…

Ulcerated flesh I munch
Rotting corpses are my lunch
On bones I love to crunch (on the badly decomposed)
Shrivelled innards I lick
The corpse’s head I kick
Crumbling shreds I pick (eat the stiffs)
[Solo: morbid melody for the deceased with salt to taste]

Rancid flesh, slaughter the dead
— Caskets exhumed…
Corpses disinterred, graves disturbed
— To consume…

Bereaved relatives are not amused
As on their dear departed I feverishly consume…

Slavering worms, decomposure burns
Corrosion born, as bacteria gnaw

Precipitate….(from the muddy grave)

Caskets I grate
My larder’s a grave
I’m sickly obsessed (with the badly decomposed)
Rotten remains I eat
Purulent meat
What a funeral feast (putrid reek)

Saponified fats, nibbled by rats
— freshly exhumed…
Deep down six feet is where I like to eat
— Human flesh to consume…

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